The Dog (and Human) Behind the Name


Hey! Bryn here.  I want to give you a big thanks for checking out Mumford and Company. It’s been an adventure, and honestly, it’s pretty cool to have dreams and passions collide into something you can share with the world. 

But, let me introduce you to the star of the show, Mumford. 

I adopted Mumford the summer of 2015, admittedly on a whim. I was weeks away from turning 21 when a picture of a sad, pitiful pup was shown to me one day at work. Within hours, I was on my way to get him. I knew, in the depths of my soul, that the pup in the picture was meant to come home with me. 

Fast forward five years, and I give you the Mumford it seems everyone knows and loves. While he can definitely be a bull in a china shop, he absolutely loves his people and is always ready to go on an adventure with me (often claiming the front seat of my Jeep as his throne). 

Mumford and Company advocates for the humans and for the dogs. Inspired by Mumford’s undying love for his people, I decided to build a place where you can advocate for what you love —and wear a comfy shirt while doing it. 

To some, he’s just a dog. But to me, he’s my soul walking on four paws... and now my business partner. 


Stay hungry, friends -


Bryn + Mumf