Who We Are

Meet Mumford.
He enjoys naps, but will gladly go on a run with you. He’s not super vocal, but will guilt trip you into giving him snacks with just the look of his eye. Even as he ages, he’s still got his wild side, but really is an old soul at heart.
And he’s the driving force behind The Mumford Project.

Founder Brynna Sankey adopted Mumford in the summer of 2015, and it didn’t take her very long to understand that there was a learning curve between animal rescue and the general public. It also didn’t take long to learn firsthand that there is a massive learning curve between general public and bully breeds.

 The Mumford Project’s goal is to advocate and educate for the bully breeds and the entire animal rescue community by showing them the love that Mumford shows every soul he meets.
With every purchase, not only  are you providing funds that will go back to advocacy and educational efforts, you are helping spread that good ol’ Mumford love, far and wide.